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The Ragdoll Arbeits Gemeinschaft - An Introduction

On June 25, 1995 in Karlsruhe, Germany, a group of dedicated Ragdoll fans came together to found the Ragdoll Arbeits Gemeinschaft. Literally translated, this name means "Ragdoll Working Community". The R.A.G. is an independent Ragdoll club made up of breeder members from all over Germany and Friendship Members from all over Europe and the United States.

Breeder members of the R.A.G. have made a commitment to a higher-than-average standard of cattery management. The welfare of our cats is considered first and foremost in all that we do. For this reason we are strictly against caging our cats. All of our Ragdolls - whether stud males, breeding queens, or kittens - live underfoot in our homes with us, which we feel results in a more self-confident, personable cat.

We register all of our breeding cats with the RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International) in the United States, and all breeding cats are included in the Ragdoll Genetic chart; a large pedigree that traces all (with the RFCI registered) Ragdolls back to the original foundation cats.

All of our Ragdoll kittens go to their new homes dewormed, with all age-appropriate vaccinations and a current veterinary certificate of health.

The word "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" is used to describe a community of people working together toward a common goal. This is not a coincidence, because one of our most important goals is to work together in a fair, friendly manner. We do our best to function not only on an individual basis, but as a whole, working together toward the betterment of the breed. We feel that it is only through teamwork that we can achieve the R.A.G.'s number one goal;

Breeding healthy, large, robust, beautiful Ragdolls that embody the special, affectionate character of the Ragdoll.